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Surveillance & Video Transmission

The top five components in which video surveillance system can be divided are camera shooting, display, transmission, control, recording and registering. The most trailblazing front-end equipment of the system is the high-speed dome camera, whose slip ring plays a central role.

Construction Machinery

Construction machinery are a set of mechanical equipment utilized in mechanized construction operations, for instance earthwork project, construction & maintenance of pavement, mobile lifting, & handling, etc. All equipment has one essential part that plays a large role and the part is called the slip ring. JINPAT has years of experience in the development of many slip rings which have been applied in port facilities, cranes, excavators, ladder truck and many more construction machinery.

Medical Equipment

Medical supplies are devices, instruments, apparatus and material, generally used on human bodies. The supplies include system requiring rotation when transferring electricity and other signals, and in which system slip ring is an essential part. The use of slip rings is beneficial in medical equipment, like hematology analyzers and CT scan systems, which require high-power electric current, correspondence and transmission of image digital signals.

Radar & Antenna

Radar antenna radiates and receives electromagnetic wave in order to detect orientation of one objective. There are meteorology radar antenna, ground radar antenna and shipborne radar antenna; divided based on their operating purpose. Slip rings, electrical components are indispensable parts of the equipment and its operation. They connect signal and electricity between the stationary and rotating parts of the radar system.


Marine equipment is widely utilized to explore ocean resources and improve deep-sea mining, ocean power generation industries. Slip rings form an essential part of marine equipment, like marine propeller system, crane, shipborne radar, winch, etc.

Rotary Table

Rotary table, often referred as swivel table is a working platform of several equipment which can be revolved to the desired position, while remaining in a fixed point. The table needs rotating electrical connector, like slip ring to complete its operation. This table is mainly used in surveillance and measure & control industry.


Automation equipment are machine or instrument that operates based on the specific programs or orders they are given without any human intervention. Automation technology frees humans from heavy physical work and partial mental work in hazardous conditions. In the automatic manipulation process, slip rings are used in the system as the junction parts for transferring signal/data from rotating parts to stationary parts.

Measuring Equipment

Many industries use measuring instruments for detecting, measuring observing and calculating material composition, physical quantity and parameters. The equipment used as an important tools in the scientific and technological development is guaranteed to improve in terms of the performance. Slip ring is an essential part of the system that has better quality and performance feature.

Wind Turbine Generator

Wind energy is a renewable source utilized all across the world. China utilizes wind energy resources, a large part of which is exploited. The conductive slip ring for wind power generator, as an important part of the blower system, plays a pitch control force role in controlling signal and transmitting data. The system performance is linked directly to the unit's precision, reliability and service life.

VR Device

Virtual reality technique, VR for short, produces a three-dimensional virtue world by computer modeling. Users feel like they are in the real world when this technique creates sensory stimulation in touch, vision and hearing. They witness everything within the three-dimensional space in time and without limit. Two solutions of the VR devices provided for connecting way are making use of slip ring and making use of wireless data transfer technology. Slip ring solution preferred by the professional and the wireless data transfer technology is on the way.

Display Equipment

As the standard of living improves, a trend is followed that includes use of high-end, fashionable digital products. An alarm display was invented to provide a solution in situations when management deficiency occurred with a handful of sales associates for too many customers. Alarming host machine, 3M glue and multi-contact alarming sonde are three parts of this device. Other than self-providing systems, the main machine relies on slip rings for transmitting motor current and sensor signals to recognize and alarm within a fixed distance.

Charging Piles

As the popularity of electric vehicles is rising, people are provided with an option of charging vehicles- at home and charging stations. Charging at home with a domestic power supply takes long time, while there are scarce charging stations as these are expensive to build, occupies large space, and have a technological deficiency. These conditions are not letting fulfill the market demand. These deficiency are addressed by the invention of a vertical circular three-dimensional mechanical garage, which functions as a normal garage for conventional and electric cars as well as provide charging service for the electric cars.


Robot is a successful endeavor in the robotics industry that works automatically. It can operate previously made programs, accept human orders and act based on the programs and principles made by human intelligence. The task of robot device is replace or assist human work in industries, like building and manufacturing. It is also suitable for workplaces that are dangerous to work in. Slip rings in the process of acting help the robot to efficiently perform all kinds of manipulation.


Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) is a unmanned aircraft which is controlled by radio remote control equipment and control program of its own. This system comprises information gathering system, aircraft platform system and ground control system. Conducting slip ring and high-speed image pickup device play an important part in information gathering system. Given to the ability of slip ring to transmit signals, like video and electric current between electric parts which can continuously rotate in 360 degrees, it assures the drone operate conventionally when flying or while photographing in 360 degrees and rotating in all directions.


A professional camera that can be used for filming purposes, with an ability to keep it steading when hand held or moving is a steadicam. Electronic pan-tilt is also referred as a hand held stabilizing gimbal. The demand for hand held pan-tilt is increasing with the expansion of the filming industries and rapidly growing number of photographers. The stabilizer requires a 360° rotation, besides a clear image of the phone or camera. The performance of the image pickup equipment is based on the slip ring as a part of the gimbal.

Amusement Equipment

Slip rings is an important part of amusement park equipment, which have unique design and structure. Slip rings in these equipment have great abilities to meet the goals, like jumping, swinging, rolling, climbing, squeezing, slipping and waving. All small and medium size recreational facilities are gradually developed from power-driven to unpowered, from the ground to air, from individual to integrated and from fixed to stationary. Slip rings are applied to amusement equipment for being the multi-channel parts with the ability to transfer electricity, signal, and gas-liquid. The slip ring performance is becoming more challenging with the improvements in the design and manufacturing technology of the amusement equipment.