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Coax Rotary Joints

Coax Rotary Joints
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Product Code : LPCC
Product Description
Both LPHF and LPC-1C series are a group of coax rotary joints manufactured by JINPAT Electronics for transmitting high frequency (up to 50GHz) and high-speed serial digital signal. Excellent in shielded effects and anti-interference capacity, they enjoy compact structure and are easy to integrate into other equipment. Both separate and integrated transmission of multiple signals is available. JINPAT, with its years of experience in electrical slip ring manufacturing, features hybrid rotary joints that integrate high frequency, control, communication, and power signals, as well as liquid media.  The unit has an ultra-low insertion loss, VSWR, and phase-WOW (1°). Given comprehensive tests and checks, JINPAT coaxial rotary joint is proven to be of eminent quality. Meanwhile, they present a reliable transmission with a long service life.

Features & Advantages
  •     Compact design, strong anti-interference capacity
  •     Multiple signals can be transmitted simultaneously
  •     Integrated transmission of HF signal and electricity/other signals is supported
  •     Extremely low attenuation loss, low transmitting fluctuation
  •     Optional frequency range
  •     Ultra-long service life
  •     Free of maintenance
  •     Custom solution, rapid delivery