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Eletro Optical Pneumatic Hydraulic Rotary Joint

Eletro Optical Pneumatic Hydraulic Rotary Joint
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Product Code : LPT000-0720-0203-52S-2E3-HD02-02A
Brand Name : JINPAT
Product Description

Short Specification: 17 Circuits Flat/ Pancake Slip Ring Transferring Ethernet, Current and Other Signals


  • It is an initiated stacked unit in domestic industry, transmitting various signals, such as strong current, Gigabit Ethernet, RS422, Rotary Transformer signal, Excitation signal, SPL video signal, and HD-SDI, as well as gas and liquid at one time.
  • Three parts of gas/liquid, strong electric signal, and weak electric signal are transmitted independently with high reliability.
  • Stable transmission of 1080P@30Hz HD video signal
  • Military level quality with vibration resistance
  • Adapt to harsh working environment with wide working temperature range(-40~+70â„Æ’)
  • Be able to be used for remote-controlled liquid cleaning, air drying and video surveillance, etc
  • Long service life (over 10 million turns)
  • Easy installation and maintenance


Electronic & Electric Mechanical
Circuit 7 *20A+2 *3A+52 *signal +2 pairs*Gigabit Ethernet+1 *Ground+2pairs*SPL video signal +2 *gas/liquid Working Speed 0ï½Å¾100 rpm

Inner Diameter /
Working Voltage Powerï¼Å¡220V
Contact Precious Metal
Dielectric Strength â‰Â¥500VAC@50Hz(current)
Housing Aluminum Alloy
Insulation â‰Â¥300MΩ@500VDC Wire Size RG179 coaxial wire
Environment Remark
Working Temperature -40°Cï½Å¾+70°C Application Military Photoelectric Radar, Automation
Working Humidity â‰Â¤70%RH Life â‰Â¥10 million turns
IP IP54 Other /
SPL Video Signal Rotary Joint Pneumatic Hydraulic Rotary Joint
Working Temperature -40°Cï½Å¾+70°C Working Pressure 0-1.2MPa
Working Speed 0ï½Å¾100 rpm Media Compressed Air/ Washing Liquid
Circuit 2 pairs Channel 2 channels
Resolution 1080P, 30Hz Connection Caliber 01/08/18
Wire Size RG179 coaxial wire Pipe Size Φ 6
Electrical Noise â‰Â¤35mΩ Connector Type 01/08/18